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Whether you are the market leader, want to become the market leader, enhance your authority to your existing brand and business or even ensure your marketing has the right voice behind your products and services, we are the solution for you.


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The way that we operate is strictly professional. We give you guidelines on exactly how to record the best podcast content (at home or in the office – you choose).


We also give you the proper equipment and quality settings for our team to produce the best sound and production quality on our end for distribution.


To see if your business qualifies to work with Podcast Your Brand:
1. Fill out our online application
2. Have a brief conversation with one of our brand specialists.
3. Receive your audio brand DNA blueprint and start creating content
4. When the time is right, our team will launch your show into the Top 100 of iTunes
5. We help you monetize your show from day number one.


Without a proven process, you’re just hoping that you are creating the right type of content. But your true fans and customers are looking for more.


They’re looking for you to build the right context and frameworks that they can trust. Applying to work with Podcast Your Brand is your path to putting a Top 100 voice behind your business or company while building the show your audience deserves.

Who Are We

Over the last few years, I have been the guy behind some of the biggest and most successful podcast launches in the thought leadership space as well as working with dozens of Inc. 5000 businesses. 

However, it wasn’t always like this… 

I started podcasting back in 2015, launched my first podcast into the #1 spot in Self-Help and that brought me my first thousand listeners and email subscribers. My show managed to win a couple of podcasting awards from iTunes in 2016 + 2017 and since then, I’ve managed and helped over 114 different business owners and entrepreneurs (and counting) launch their shows and monetize their brand.