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We've built and launched 156 (and counting) Top 100 Podcast Shows...

“…in terms of results, when we launched we hit #14 on the iTunes business category beating out Gary Vee’s podcast. The BEST part is that our community has these episodes now that they can look forward to every week.”

- Cherry Rose Tan | #realtalk

“There’s just an enormous buzz in our whole company around this podcast. We expect the retention of our operators to really grow this year and there is this vibrant connection with our alumni”

- Chris Thomson | Leaders Of Tomorrow (Year 1)

“Last year we jumped from our normal 35% retention rate to over 50% retention. This past year, we went from 50% retention to 60% retention. This has been a HUGE impact on our culture.”

- Chris Thomson | Leaders Of Tomorrow (Year 2)

“operationally, we thought we could do it. However, what we lacked was an overall strategy and direction. They helped us understand better our customers and helped us create content that impacts our bottom line. Can’t recommend them enough!”

- Vitaly Pecherskiy | How Agencies Thrive

“If you are considering launching a podcast or if you are wondering how can I do it? You get on a call with Jay. You let him know what your dreams are.You listen to what he’s saying because he’s a man of his word, and he will get out into this world, what you hope and dream, and it’ll be even better than you can imagine.”

- Carol Elizabeth | So Much More

“Jay worked with us from beginning to end. It’s been nothing short of a 10/10 experience. We didn’t only make the Top 100, but we got to either the Top 30 or 35 of iTunes for our category. It’s exactly how he told my team and I way back when we started with him”

- Steve Acorn | Leaders Across America

“In fact, over and over again, Jay and his team went above and beyond for me. We made #3 in all real estate shows in Canada and the USA. It’s been an amazing ride and real pleasure working with Jay and the whole team.”

- Tahani Aburaneh | Females In Real Estate

“we had a super tight timeline that we wanted it launched by and these guys delivered. And also, we wanted to hit the Top 100, but we hit the freaking TOP 5! ….this FAR exceeded our expectations.”

- Angela McNally + Anthony DeBartolo | Just Like You

“When I launched my show; Link For Success, I wanted to ensure I was following the expert and that’s Jay. Because of his training, his guidance and his expertise, my podcast went to the Top 40 of iTunes. Thank you so much guys!!!”

- Stacy Maynard | Link For Success