Let us take care of all the headache

and let you focus on creating The content

Let us take care of all the headache and let you focus on creating The content

Audio Strategy & Concept Development

We'll work with you to develop a podcast that bridges the gap between your brand and what your target market enjoys listening to.

Professional Editing

From the intro to the outro to the jingles in between, our team ensures a high-end audio experience for your listeners. Our editors have worked on some of the world’s biggest podcasts so we can always help you create the right recording template.

Create Unlimited “Call-To-Actions”

Whether you already have offers that convert or you are looking to drive awareness to a new service, our team will help ensure that your show has a positive ROI

Hosting & Distribution

We provide a fully managed service for you and your clients. We’ll get your podcast out into the world and onto all the places it needs to be.

Dedicated Lead Producer

You will be assigned to a lead producer who will create, manage your content schedule as well as the entire back-end of the show.

Audiogram & Quote Cards

It's easy to share your podcast on social media—with text videos to highlight the juiciest moments in your show.

Engaging Show Notes

You never have to relisten to any episode if you don’t want to. Get our writer to summarize the main points and pull all the quotable moments and important links.

Podcast Gear

That’s right! As part of our onboarding process, we will even ship out your recording equipment customized to your needs so you never have to spend hours researching or wondering if you have the right tech. It’s part of our welcome gift for working with our agency.

Customized Production +Add on

This is an add-on if you are looking to have a more refined editing structure for your show. A hybrid between narrative shows and a standard weekly show. Our team of professional editors will help you create a custom recording template for greater narrative to your episodes

Podcast Branded Website +Add on

It's easy to share your podcast on social media—with text videos to highlight the juiciest moments in your show.

Video Podcasts +Add on

Our team can do a video add-on as well. All video packages require a custom video template (prior to recording) and will start at 1.5x base pricing for any of the three levels listed above.

Podcast Public Relations +Add on

Our team will help you get on industry leading podcasts as a guest so that you can promote your products and services in the most efficient manner.

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Companies and Organizations

How your image is perceived today matters more than ever. If you’re not the one telling and leading a narrative of your company’s story, someone else will. Audio is not only a great way to engage with customers, staff, and drive sales, but the companies we have worked with have strategically leveraged their episodes to deepen their company culture and values.

Established Experts

Recent studies have shown that the “online learning or e-learning industry” is projected to hit $325 Billion Dollars by 2025. As an expert, you have seen and experienced this first hand. And now it’s time for you to take it even further. By utilizing your email list and community, you can add another revenue source through podcasting. Whether your products and services are digital, in-person, or physical, podcasting can be your back-end driver to greater sales and further impact.

Thought Leaders

These are some of my favorite clients because their podcasts are about true fans. As a thought leader, you can leverage the personal brand on one social platform and multiply your audience exponentially through podcasting. Not only do you continue to grow your audience, but you end up deepening your relationships with your true fans. Previous clients have leveraged their shows into bigger stages and even bigger book deals.

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