By the end of this call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take in not only launching your Top 100 podcast, but to start generating consistent and reliable results online with your brand and marketing.

Find a time on our calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to diving into your brand soon!



We help each of our clients form a customized plan depending on their business model and how much ROI they are looking for. Whether you have a podcast already or looking to launch one, you can start seeing results as early as a few weeks of partnering up.

Yes. A majority of our clients will have our team create social media assets per episode as well. From feed posts to stories, to audiograms, etc…Social is another key component to the your customized plan for market domination.

We help companies and business owners increase profits by adding podcasting as an optimized new marketing channel for their business. You end up with a Top 100 podcast show and a voice behind your marketing engine.

Our team will assess all the results from the first season of your show and you can choose how you want to move forward with the podcast. For those looking to maintain the high quality of their shows, we will partner with you on a semi-annual or annual timeline from there.

Whether it is a specific type of production or you want to add-in video podcasts or even have us look at podcast PR options for you, the best option would be to book a call and speak with a member of our team about your specific needs to see how we can accommodate.

Some of our clients use the show to increase their retention rate year after year, or in most cases drive the overall sales culture of the organization. Podcasting is not only an innovative method of communication with your prospects, but can be used strategically depending on your current selling system.

None. Not only will we train you on how to use all the equipment, but we will also send you the necessary pieces given your show and customized recording template.

Book a time to chat with our team and let’s see if our team can free up all of your content marketing time as well as partner with you on your podcast to drive bigger results.

For the companies that we partner with, the goal the majority of times is to be able to grow not only the podcast, but their email or distribution list, as well as their community. 

You want the podcast to be a nurturing and sales engine. Not only a content channel. 

Yes, private podcasting is part of the capabilities of our team, but an internal podcast follows very different guidelines. Book a call with our team to discuss further, or send an email to our team [email protected]

While there are many storytelling frameworks that we can show you, our team will custom design your “content flow” for you so you have confidence and certainty BEFORE you record. Depending on where you ultimately want to drive the listener, we will give you the most optimal path.

Yes. This is one of the unique advantages with our partnerships. We will custom design a launch plan for you and your team to get the best possible results when launching your show on iTunes. All you have to do is follow as closely as possible.

Part of that is hitting the Top 100 and the other is ensuring that the show is a marketing and sales channel for your brand.